Why You Need This Granite For Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Countertop:

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Why You Need This Granite For Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Countertop:

This month we wanted to spotlight the granite that everyone is talking about - Fantasy Brown - Not only does this granite make your home decor fantasies a reality, it fits in your budget fantasy as well (oh yeah)! This material is full of movement & beautiful colors; all unique to each slab at a fairly low cost. The more movement & varying colors in a slab usually means more money, but that's not the case for this natural stone - an extravagant look without the big price tag sounds too good to be true!

Can it get any sweeter than that? Actually yes, it can! Fantasy Brown is also commonly referred to as Swift Current & Swift Current Glacier. The reason for so many different names is due to the drastic difference in overall slab color. Each slab of Fantasy Brown has five distinctive hues in it's pallet of colors: gray, white, blue, green, tan/brown; all beautiful neutral colors that can fit seamlessly into practically any room of the home! The reason this granite is so fantastic is because the main color that stands out in a slab of Fantasy Brown can vary from slab to slab. What does that mean exactly? If you're looking for a more blue colored slab of granite to finish off a beach themed area of your home - Fantasy Brown is the answer - or, maybe you are looking for a more rustic look & you want your countertop to be more of a brownish-green...Fantasy Brown comes in that hue too! The point is that this granite is VERSATILE like no other natural stone - period. When you match it's versatility factor with it's beauty & affordability it's easy to see why this granite is a fan favorite by many homeowners and contractors a-like. Personally, as a couple of homeowners on a budget in the middle of renovations, I can tell you this granite has been our absolute best friend! We have put it on our outdoor kitchen, bedside table tops, & I'm sure many other areas of our home in the near future, not because I am obsessed with the beauty of this stone, but simply because the price & look together are unparalleled.

Step back White Carrara Marble there's a new favorite natural stone in town & it's taking over homes everywhere!

That was a lot of information to handle, I know - but don't worry if you're like me (a bullet-point person) I've broken the pros down for you!

  • Full of movement & multi color!

  • Exclusivity factor: No one slab is the same, every piece is unique!

  • Affordable: A high-end look at a low-cost price!

  • Neutral colors (gray, white, blue, green, tan/brown) can work for practically any room!

  • Versatile stone: the main color that stands out can vary from slab to slab!

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Usually when you look at a slab of granite the image of beautiful countertops tends to pop into mind. In the natural stone industry, granites' most used purpose is as a surface, usually countertops because it's been used in many of homes through the years as a major design & functionality element of the home. In our custom fabrication shop we are able to expand the mind & bring hand crafted masterpieces of natural stone to life. Here we have a small table made entirely out of Thunder White granite. This piece is not only viewed as a table, but a center focal point of any room! A fun fact about this custom-made table is that it actually comes apart into three pieces: base, stand, and table - none of which are held together or fastened! You may think something of this size or fragility would be crucial to be glued or fastened together, but the granite is so heavy it's self that it takes at least two people to take it apart - safe to say this table isn't going anywhere. If you have been looking for a unique piece to add to your home or even if you have a design in your mind that you would like to have made we are always up to the task!


Q: Are the veins in granite & marble weak spots of the stone?

A: Not necessarily. With today's technology in the processing of stone, materials stand the test of strength & meet safety requirements for countertop use. Structurally, there are some stones that have natural weaknesses which can exist in the veins of the material. However, most veins do not imply weak spots in a material & are usually only a variation in color. To put it simply - Can there be weak spots in veins? Yes. Could this mean anything for the stability of your countertop? Not really. If you intentionally take a hammer to a weak spot in a vein it's liable to have damage, of course, but if you care for your countertops and be mindful of how your countertops are treated; natural imperfections can be both beautiful & a unique touch to your home.

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- Stone Post, August 2018

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