What Granite Companies DON'T Do That May Surprise You

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Happy Friday everyone! I hope everyone is staying warm in these historic low temperatures this week (Burr!). Tomorrow is Groundhog Day and I think it's safe to say we are all hoping Mr. Punxutawney Phil doesn't even catch a glimpse of his shadow!

With wishful thinking for a heat wave, brings talk of getting the pool decks and spacious patios ready for the sunshine in the months ahead. The planning for your dream patio starts now! Are you ready to take action?

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By the looks of this arctic storm sweeping across the US, that stubborn groundhog will be staying in and so are we.

If you're snowed in - or even if you're not snowed in but it might as well be - not to worry! Use this extra time bundled up and bored inside to plan your next home project.

Though the weather isn't exactly enjoyable yet, it will be soon, and then ~ everyone ~ will have their minds set on re-vamping their outdoor spaces. Jump ahead of the spring time rush and enjoy the seasons with your new project already installed waiting for warmer weather to arrive! No one wants to be wishing they were poolside in the middle of a reno. Planning ahead in the winter months will allow you to get the most out of your dream space all spring and summer long!

The design we are discussing today is a recent outdoor project of ours. It many may not be considered often, but it does wonders adding an enchanting glow to any landscape. A rock bubbler (see picture above) is a perfect option for a low maintenance fountain accessory. With a quick construction and instillation it's an added feature to your space that will be sure to add charm!

According to Fix.com, the sound is not only good for mental health, but has been used as an aid in mediation for centuries. Flowing water sources such as fountains serve as a way to block distraction, feel more relaxed, and even help you sleep. Flowing water is a form of white noise (i.e. noise created at various frequencies) which is what creates these positive effects on the brain and overall mental health.

Aside from all the neurological science, you can admit rock bubblers are pretty neat! Need inspiration? Talk to any of our hardscape designers to help place you in the right direction!

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To continue from the previous column in Design Spotlight, I will show you exactly how easy it us to make your very own rock bubbler.

1) Pick your rock - we have plenty large and small boulders for selection in our Stoneyard, or maybe you have a rock of your own you found or a hand selected boulder that has sentimental value.

2) Fabricate - Leave the work to us! We drill a hole straight through the middle by the use of sand and water at a controlled rate to assure for a precise cut!

3) Install - The rock is ready for action! Have our experts install the rock into your landscape, or let you DIY fly and install yourself!

It's that easy! When adding some extra oomph to your outdoor space weather on a budget, time crunch, or simply just because consider the all too rare rock bubbler as your solution for your next outdoor oasis!


Going The Extra Mile - What Granite Companies DON'T Do That May Surprise You

Q: What is that net thing on the back of the stone and what is it for anyway?

A: Ever looked at a piece of granite or marble and see that white mesh on the back of the material? You may have never noticed, it may be as meaningless to you as that weird plastic part of the end of your shoe lace (it's an aglet by the way if you were wondering - you're welcome for that tidbit). But, if you are one of the few that have noticed and wondered why, I am here to tell you - NOTHING!

That's right. The answer may shock you, but it's true. The mesh backing is used as a purpose for stability while shipping and fabricating the slab. However, when the countertop is actually installed as a functioning piece, the mesh backing serves absolutely no purpose.

What many granite companies don't do is take the backing off where the underside of the countertop is exposed leaving that gritty, textured, plastic at the underside of your beautiful natural countertops. Many consumers may not notice this minute detail, but when you make an investment into your home such as natural stone countertops, you want that quality to be in every aspect of the work. That is why at Custom Stone Compay we make sure to take the backing off the underside of every edge of your exposed countetops; from kitchen overhangs for seating, down to even the smallest edge of your countertop. We also smooth the underside of the stone once the mesh is removed to leave a flawless finish. Why go through that work for the parts of your countertop you'll never even see? Because it's dedication to quality. Our fabrication team takes pride in their work - we know that natural stone countertops is a special investment that will last a lifetime. When it comes to a home project of that significance it's essential to never cut corners, even in the places you may never notice; and that is the difference which sets fabricators apart from any quick turnover fabricator, home improvement retailer, or your Joe Schmo contractors.

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Thank you for joining us for another issue of Stone Post - until next time!

- Stone Post, February 2019

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