Your Guide To A Hassle-Free Pumpkin Painting Party!

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Fall is finally setting in & the Halloween spirit is in the air! This holiday kicks off many back to back holidays in the next four consecutive months such as: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years - With all that celebration brings parties, family, & plenty of house guests! Is your house holiday ready?

Looking to re-mulch your beds, get in that new pool deck or patio you've been waiting on, or simply want to update the kitchen? Give our friendly staff a call to get started on your house project before the bustle of the busy holiday season is here to stay!

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Adding finishing touches to your home can often times make or break the look of the house as a whole.

One touch that makes a world of difference which is often overlooked is precast. Most homeowners lean on Pinterest for all of their home re-models (which is great!). However, when trying to DIY exterior projects that need a specialty product to finish off the look can really draw the line between aesthetically pleasing & absolutely breathtaking!

Architectural precast is one of those game-changing elements. There are many different solutions for the exterior of your home. A few examples are window sills, exterior trim, and (in this case) column caps.

In this picture your eye leads itself down the path to this beautiful home, but what is not immediately noticed is the precast column caps our team has created to set the sharp look of this entry way to this home.

The beauty of Custom Stone's precast division is that it is just that - custom! If you want something no one else has our precast experts can design it from scratch, just for you! Its the small details that really bring a look together. If you're looking to bring the look of your home to the next level give our precast team a call to discover the infinite possibilities for the exterior of your home!

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Your Guide To A Hassle-Free Pumpkin Painting Party ~ Save The Trouble of Pumpkin Carving With This Clever Pumpkin Decorating Trick -

With Halloween right around the corner we've gotten creative in our precast shop to embrace the spooky spirit!

Stop by our shop to pick up your very own paint-able pumpkin! Each concrete pumpkin is only $10.00, which is comparable to or even cheaper than your standard carvable pumpkin. The best part? - They never rot - meaning you can dazzle your trick-or-treaters with your devilishly handsome jack-o-lanterns year after year! With paintable pumpkins there's fun for the whole family without the messy pumpkin guts & troublesome sharp cutting kits (thank goodness).

You can choose to paint the face of the Jack-O-lantern or, you can paint the back side as a blank canvas. They make fun crafts for the kids or even a unique decorative piece for your front of your house! There is a indented bowl at the top of the pumpkin head perfect to plant mums or other fall-festive flowers!

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Happy Crafting!


Q: Is quartz a natural material?

A: Quartz is an engineered or, man-made, product made from particles of glass, mirror, & (most importantly) natural quartzite. The percentage of natural quartzite in each slab of quartz varies depending on weight; however, marking experts claim that quartz can contain up to approximately 97% natural quartzite.

Now that engineered quartz has been defined - what exactly is natural quartzite? It's actually a metamorphic rock which is formed from sandstone with intense pressure & heat. In fact, the three major components of engineered quarts are made from sand through intense heat and pressure (glass, mirror, & natural quartzite). However, natural quartzite is the only component out of the three that is made naturally, as opposed to being man-made.

To answer the answer quite simply: Technically some materials in quartz stone are derived form nature in some facet (i.e. sand & quartzite), but it must be engineered by man - the earth does not form quartz material naturally.

Often times in the stone world quartz can get a bad rep. Because it is not a naturally occurring element consumers think it to be the lesser quality stone choice when comparing quartz to marble, granite, quartzite & other naturally occurring stones. However, if having an engineered surface is something you aren't partial to, there are actually a lot of great upsides to quartz! For one, quartz is actually stronger than most of its natural stone counterparts due to the imperfections & porous qualities of naturally occurring stones.

This and many other great qualities can be found in this man-made surface. Often times we see consumers who come in with preconceived notions of quartz & even some who may have heard false facts about the surface. It's always important to do your own research before making ant large purchase for your home. With all the colors & styles of this unique man-made material the design options are limitless! If you are looking for quartz surfaces for your home or business contact our experts at Custom Stone Company to guide you through the selection process!

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- Stone Post: October, 2018

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