Patriotic Pavers - The Red Brick, White Marble, & Bluestone

Updated: Jul 26, 2018

Fourth of July is right around the corner & our team at Custom Stone has hit the ground running on new & exciting jobs to start off the summer season! We've seen many fire-pits, patios, & outdoor kitchen jobs starting off the trend for this season; just in time for the cookouts, weddings, grad parties, & many other fabulous festivities of summer!


This design spotlight of the month goes to this beautiful outdoor pool deck & outdoor kitchen in Chesapeake, VA. This backyard oasis was finished just in time for some big Fourth of July fun! We love how this homeowner chose to have their grill & pizza oven open to the pool for a convenient serving destination at the center of the action; while the bar and seating areas are recessed into the bar to allow for a laid back atmosphere separate from the pool. One of our favorite aspects is the stone wall which surrounds the entire area. This wall is at the perfect height to serve both as a barrier & extra seating to sit back & watch the little swimmers play. To tie it all together, a natural stone stream waterfalls into the pool area for a twist of elegance!


Last month we had quite the elaborate job!

This is one of our expert polishers, Harry, working to complete an outdoor kitchen countertop made of gorgeous Blue Pearl granite. This top stretches an astounding length of 430 inches!!! (Talk about some entertaining space). Although you can't see them, there are only three seams holding this limo-length of a countertop together. Both beautiful and durable, this elegant piece needed a total of four full-sized slabs to create this stunning look. Want to see the entire countertop? Visit our Instagram custom_stone_co, or click the link below!


Q: Does granite stain?

A: No, granite does not stain. However, each different type of granite has a different level of porosity. This means that if some granite counter tops are not sealed, or not sealed correctly, liquid is able to absorb into those pours. At first glance this absorbed liquid may seam like a dark stain; however, once the liquid drys the markings typically vanish as well. In the event there is a discoloration left behind, it's best to consult a stone professional to remove this discoloration. There are many products on the market used to remove discolorations in various types of stones; however, before trying to do it yourself on an investment, such as granite countertops, it's always recommended to meet with a professional beforehand.

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Until next time, thank you for stopping by! - Stone Post, July 2018

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