Important Granite Countertop Care Tips Most People Don't Know About

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

Thanksgiving is here! This is the season of giving thanks & spending quality time with our family & friends - and who can forget the FOOD!? Everyone has their own special traditions that makes their Thanksgiving unique, but no matter how or what you cook on "Turkey Day" there is one common need - a spacious kitchen to prep it in! If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year consider re-vamping your kitchen before the big day!

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For the cooks in every home who have been awarded the duty of hosting the big Thanksgiving Dinner - you know that space means everything in the kitchen!! This spacious open-concept kitchen with Swift Current Glacier Granite is perfect for hosting! The burners are directly across from the raised bar top so that you can entertain your guests while getting those last few dishes completed without missing out on all of the festivities. Just over from the burners is the dish washer and sink for a quick clean up once you've plated all of your dishes. To complete this kitchen layout, the bar top also serves as a dividing line between kitchen and living space. You don't want your guests to wander into your work space and have to work around them. This layout assures the separation you need to get your cooking done without missing the true reason for getting together, being with your loved ones.

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At first glance you may not have any clue what this is, but to our fabricators it's a road map to start the fabrication process. Pictured to the left is a slab of granite that has been lined up with masking tape. Strange? Yes. But, in some cases, when fabricating a slab details of the slab can extremely vary throughout the piece - meaning precision counts to get just the right look. If you fall in love with a slab because of a certain detail in the stone we want that to be apart of your final product; therefore we will do what is called a layout (pictured). If there's a part of the slab that absolutely needs to be your center island (or whatever specification you may have) we will make an appointment for you and your sales representative to tape off sections and layout the cuts so not to miss any of those special details. The goal of our sales associate is to make all the details fit inside the lines without having to use an additional slab. It's not a process that is done for every slab, but if you've picked a slab with detail you may want to request a layout. Natural stone is not only timeless and beautiful, it lasts a lifetime. The next time you have a natural stone project ask to schedule a layout to get every beautiful detail in your finished product you can - you'll be glad you did!


-Important Granite Countertop Care Tips Most People Don't Know About-

Most people think that because Granite countertops are a natural stone they can take any type of abrasive chemical to clean it's surface. This common misconception is not true for granite or any natural stone for that matter. In this article we will be addressing the burning question:

Q: How often should I clean my countertops & what would you recommend as a cleaner?

A: This question is asked very often by many curious customers alike. To diagnose each type of natural stone with the same exact cleaning regimen is not beneficial. Each stone is different. For example, granite is different from marble because granite is made of a mixture of indigenous rock such as potassium and quartz where as marble is made of mostly calcium. With two stones being so different in composure you wouldn't want to treat them the same way when it comes to caring for them would you? No, of course not!

Here are the most popular materials and how often they should be cleaned on a yearly basis:


- Sealed: According to the Natural Stone Institute granite does not need to be sealed because it is fairly resistant to liquids and oils in its natural state. However, sealing your granite to protect the small fishers and pits from potentially absorbing any substances will protect your countertops further more. We recommend to do a once a year.

- Cleaning: We recommend mild soap and water with specified granite and/or natural stone cleaner solutions. Although other cleaners may not necessarily eat away at the granite like marble would we recommend to only use cleaners approved by your local stone fabricator repair shop.


- Sealed: Marble is suggested to be sealed once yearly; however, it could be much more than that if you're having trouble keeping your marble pristine. Marble is the nighest maintenance stone - it's prone to scratching, corroding, and staining. It's always a good idea to get your marble professionally sealed or consult your local stone fabricator or repair shop before performing maintenance on your marble countertops yourself.

- Cleaning: Avoid harsh chemicals & anything that could possibly corrode the marble (ie. acidic foods such as lemon). Avoid any substances that could potentially settle into the pours of the marble, such as wine, that will present a stained look. Mild water + soap and natural stone cleaner should be the only two cleaning agents used on marble tops.


- Sealed: Quartz is an engineered non-porous material that requires little to no maintenance at all. You can choose to seal it; however, there's no need because it is so durable and non-porous.

- Cleaning: Cleaning agents are typically okay for quartz; however, we always recommend mild water and soap followed with a stone cleaner.

As for where to find your stone specific cleaner - the best places would be a stone repair shop or your local fabricator who will be able to educate you better than Home Depot or Lowes simply because those stone businesses are using those products they sell everyday & are the experts at applying them. At Custom Stone we sell many types of stone cleaning and care products; including our most popular product, the "3 in 1 Cleaner, Polisher, & Sealer" which our customers rave about!

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