How To Give Your Home A Million Dollar Upgrade Without Breaking The Bank

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

As the hustle and bustle of the holiday season is upon us this December as we start to settle into the end of the year. Take a break from the holiday madness and dive into the last issue of Stone Post for the year of 2018.


How to give your home a million dollar upgrade without breaking the bank -

We all love that magical moment on HGTV (you know the one) where they show the before and afters & you start to "Ooh-ah" in amazement as they pan the camera around the newly renovated home.

Its astounding what a dramatic difference a new coat of paint or a removing wall can make!

For the exterior, most home renovators can come to a cross road of questions when deciding on a look. Do you paint the brick? Add vinyl siding? Or simply liven the front with a captivating landscape design?

An upgrade that is seen most commonly in luxury homes is architectural precast. Contractors use this type of decorative concrete as accents over brick work and, as you can see in the picture above, it really does make a statement. The white colored concrete on a contrast of red brick is a classic look. The elegant combination can be traced back centuries and was very popular in colonial times and is still held true in colonial-influenced design today. If you are looking for a more modern look this may not be the look for you; however, take into consideration that precast/brick exterior is a design that will never go out of style and is a design taste that is agreeable among many. Meaning you'll never have to worry about constantly keeping your home in trend and prospected buyers will find it appealing more often than not.

You can use many different pieces in combination or just one design of precast. Some popular choices are: columns, banding , wall coping, and cornices. Most of these products have pre-made molds which can keep costs down. However, if you're looking for something more you can always have a mold custom made to exactly what you're looking for.

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A popular choice to honor those who are no longer with us is a precast bench with an added memorial engraving. These are very popular to gift to families who are in mourning as a special way to remember their loved one. These molds are pre-made and we have pieces readily available for purchase as a 3 pc. set.

The benches started out as a project for a loved one and have since been a favored gift my many of our customers.


Q: Is precast concrete (architectural precast) different from regular concrete?

A: Yes, precast concrete is different from your regular everyday concrete used in construction because precast is produced in a controlled environment by highly experienced fabricators. With the knowledge and supplies to control the moisture levels and temperature of the environment, the fabricators create a low water content concrete mixture, which is not attainable when made in the field. According to the Precast Concrete Institute, this precast mixture, when dry, can achieve strengths of 5,000-7,000 PSI (pressure per square inch) with densities that minimize permeability. That's pretty incredible considering your typical construction concrete only houses about half that strength at 2,500-3,500 PSI.

Precast concrete isn't just an art form of the mold making, but the concrete fabrication itself. To add to the skill level, precast fabricators can also make decorative changes to the mixture; for example, the color, a pattern, or even a decorative additive like glass or shells.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to precast. To learn more about architectural precast visit our precast shop located in the west wing of our fabrication warehouse!

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- Stone Post, December, 2018

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