How To Cut Costs Without Going Cheap On Your Counter-tops.

Updated: Jan 2, 2019

As summer quickly draws to an end (wow time flies) the busy family life of school & extra circulars begin - & with that brings the official start of Fall which is only 21 days away!

We have a chalk-full Stone Post this month for you in this lovely month of September (with two main articles featured) "Back to School Organization Tips for Busy Families" in Design Spotlight & "How Can I Cut Costs Without Going Cheap On My Counter-tops?" in Ask The Experts. Thank you for joining us for another issue of Stone Post!


Back To School Organization Tips For Busy Families - As summer draws to an end the busy school schedules begin; each week is full of school plays, sports, field trips & the list goes on. One great way to say organized through it all is a family work station! A place where permission slips, tests, & homework can be kept free of food stains & crinkles.

In this segment of Design Spotlight we have chosen one of our previous jobs, which embodies the perfect example of a family work station. A small nook in the common area of the home for everyone to access - it has just the right amount of space to organize what you need without over-crowding! This customers' pick was Fantasy Brown Granite with a bullnose edge & leather finish - Absolutely gorgeous way to tie into the neutrals around the entire living space!

There are two critical design elements to take into consideration when planning a family work station:

1) What type of work station fits best for your family? Desk, or landing station.

You may be wondering what the difference is. Most family work stations are usually a small nook or space commonly found in the kitchen or living room. However, the difference between an actual desk vs a landing station is in it's height & size. A kitchen desk, like the one pictured above, is lower to the ground & typically has a chair to sit on at the work station. Whereas, on the other hand, a landing station is meant to be hovered over or stood at and is usually quite smaller of a space & higher up. This may be too tall for young children to reach; which depending on how you'd like to create your work space, may be a pro or a con. Either option you choose can be made of any natural stone to really make your work space sleek and clean. Most work spaces can use a remnant piece of stone (AKA large scrap pieces) to make a counter-top; which would cost you significantly less than the traditional route of choosing an entire slab!

2) What type of organization system would your family work best with?

Looking for ideas on how to organize all of the projects, papers, & beyond? Not to worry we've come up with five of our favorite organizing solutions!

  • Keep folders or bins to organize work: divide them by each class subject, or by due date, or even by test/quiz/project/work.

  • Create a "To Do" & "Completed" bin for each person of the family

  • Use false magnetic books to store all folders and papers to reduce clutter.

  • Make a family whiteboard calendar that is cooler coordinated by each member of the family. You can write project due dates, soccer practice times, parent teacher conference, etc. without getting everyone confused.

  • Make a checklist for each class check the box when all homework for that class is complete to make sure they never ~ forget ~ to do their math homework again!

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Without the cabinets underneath, it may seem hard to differentiate a remnant piece from an actual counter-top piece at times. The one feature that adds character to natural stone that makes it truly feel like a counter-top is the edging. There are four basic edges that the stone business most commonly uses which are; Pencil, Beveled, Bullnose, & Half Bullnose.

What makes this edge featured in this month's issue of Fabrication Forum so special is that it's a premium edge. Usually less common, the premium edge category is typically more of an ornate selection of edges when compared to your standard edge selection. These edges tend to have more detail to them and/or are a layered edge. You can see in our fabrication shop our team has made a Double O'Gee edge which will be installed as a kitchen island. Choosing a premium edge, such as Double O'Gee, really elevates the look of the room - if you're looking for something unique to make your counter-top stand out from the rest, but don't want to go too crazy with color, a premium edge may be just what you're looking for to send your counter-top to that next level.

Want to learn more about premium edges? Contact our counter-top sales team under the free consultation page of our website!


Q: How Can I Cut Costs Without Going Cheap On My Counter-tops?

A: When most people think about getting granite or marble counter-tops fabricated & installed the first thing that holds them back is usually the price point. However, there is a cheaper alternative that may cut your project cost IN HALF or maybe even more!

If you have a strict budget to stick to the secret most homeowners aren't privy to is to use a remnant piece! The word remnant is just lingo for scrap piece in the stone world. Essentially, when a job uses an entire slab like the picture shown above but don't have a need to use the entire piece the fabricator, such as Custom Stone Co, keeps these scrap pieces in their remnant yard for smaller jobs. Think of the remnants as clearance items and everything must go!!!

Are you looking to make a wet bar, bedside tables, bathroom vanity, or any other small counter-top job, but aren't super particular on material? Take a look at the remnant yards before choosing to look at purchasing an entire slab especially if it's a smaller-scale project. Maybe you're the opposite scenario - maybe you're looking to spruce up your out-dated kitchen with some new counter-tops or you're moving and want to update the large bathroom vanity before you list your house. Don't worry there's still a chance to find full slab remnants to fit your large job! It's a rare occurrence, however; there are times when the job calls for too many slabs or plans change and an extra slab is left over from a job. The fabricator (that's us) usually get's stuck with the extra nonreturnable material. Not so great for us, but a super score for you! - Always keep your eyes out for a good find you never know what will pop up in the remnant yard!

  • Best for small projects (i.e. wet bars, vanities, powder rooms, thresholds, etc.)

  • Limited material selection BUT can be more than 50% less expensive than slab alternative.

  • Great for flip homes or updating an area of your home.

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Thank you for joining us for another issue of Stone Post - until next time!

- Stone Post: September, 2018

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