Do's & Don'ts of Kitchen Island Lighting

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The Do's & Don'ts of Kitchen Island Lighting - There is so much that lighting can do for a room (especially your island countertop) so before you choose your kitchen tops take these design tips into consideration:

1) Color of Lighting - Have you ever painted a room and the color looks way different than it did in store? Chances are the lighting was more or less in the yellow/blue tones at home than in the show room. Same thing can happen to your countertops. Even light/white colored stones can absorb blue and yellow light bulb tones, changing the color appearance of the stone. It's always a good idea to make sure your type of light bulb is able to be changed before hand in case it doesn't agree with your stone choice!

2) Strength of Lighting - Light bulbs come in all different sizes & watt strengths depending on the bulbs' use. Make sure you select the correct lighting for your space. For example; if you have a high gloss polished finish on your countertops the best lighting match would be a soft lighting so that the lighting won't overpower on the reflection of your polished tops. That countertop glare is no joke!

3) Fixture Choice - There will always always be those extravagant light fixtures that we see online or in a magazine and can't wait to add to your honey-do list, but the question we forget to ask ourselves is; Is it too much for my space? I mean, sure, it looks good on the cover of that issue of Better Homes being photographed in the room it was literally built for, but sometimes by adding extravagant light fixtures it can be too big for a space or even too visually overpowering. Don't let a fancy fixture take away the beauty of your beautiful kitchen! If you have a small space, opt for a playful pendant light or two to dress the space up and skip out on the oh-so-popular liner chandeliers.

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Choosing your countertop finish has a lot to do with lighting! The type of polish determines how the lighting reflects off the countertop surface. Want high shine? Go with polished. This finish will show every ounce of shine of your countertops and can really make a sparkle! Looking for a soft touch? A honed finish will do the job! Honed countertops bounce off a soft light off it's buttery-matte finish. Feeling edgy? A leathered finish will give a textured finish. The light will play off the high and low points in the stone with the least light reflection this has the least shine. Whatever your style, our expert team of fabricators can put any finish onto the countertop of your choice.


To embrace the spirit of April Fools Day today ...

Q: What is Fools Gold?

A: When you hear the words fools gold you often associate the action-romance movie featuring Matthew McConaughey & Kate Hudson. However, we're here to tell you about the actual stone that inspired the title of the movie! Fools Gold is a term commonly used to describe brassy & yellow minerals which can easily be mistaken for gold. One of the most frequently mistaken minerals is the stone pyrite. Pyrite is from the gemstone family which has the chemical properties of an iron-sulfide & is commonly found in coal beds. Back in the day, pyrite was used to ignite firearms. Today, pyrite is used commercially to make paper products & sulfuric-acid - pretty cool right? It may not be as interesting as the movie Fools Gold but, hey at least this gives you a good idea to con your family & friends this April Fools - Happy Pranking!

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