DIY: How To Remove Deep Stains In Your Natural Stone Countertops.

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Q: DIY: How To Remove Deep Stains In Your Natural Stone Countertops.

A: If you have natural stone countertops that are prone to staining you know the uneasy feeling - a glass of red wine sitting on your countertop and all you can think about is dreadful a ring or stain to be left behind. Once its there it's there for life and the countertop it ruined!!! - Wrong - Here's the inside secret on how to remove stubborn stains:

1) Get the good stuff - You'll want to get a professional grade stain remover specifically for natural stone. It doesn't have to be too expensive. For example, we use "Mangia Macchia" for only $21 sold by our neighbors Regent Stone Products. It's also available online here!

It's important not to skimp and get a low grade solution.

2) Follow directions - Other stain removers may have different directions; however, when we remove stains from our customers' countertops we typically apply the paste a quarter thick, making sure it's even across the entire stain.

3) Seal it in - the true secret is to get a thin plastic layer over top of the paste, such as saran wrap, and secure the plastic with painters tape to make a air tight seal. This way the serum can do it's magic. By creating a vapor area it will allow to draw the stain out and trap it into the paste.

4) Done - after 24 hours undo the seal and clean up the paste. If the stain is still visible repeat these steps until the stain has completely been removed from the natural stone. Clean with mild soap and water (do not use bleach or any harsh chemicals or dyes).

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