3 Trendy Countertop Textures - How To Elevate Your Look Without The Price Tag

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Sometimes less is more!

That's exactly how we feel about this simplistic approach to this fireplace. The sleek marble boarder brings such elegance in the most subtle way.

The understated design draws your eye to the linear composition of the trim, square fire box, and the o'gee edge around the marble. Notice all these linear design factors help to accentuate the fireplace being stepped out from the wall as it draws you into an inviting atmosphere!

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3 Trendy Countertop Textures - How To Elevate Your Look Without The Price Tag

Just like any industry, the stone industry is ever changing - color pallets, design trends, etc.

As we've seen, formica (laminate countertops) quickly faded & its rival, the natural stone countertop, has come in to replace. These days you can't go anywhere without seeing granite, marble, or quarts - coffee shops, public restrooms, even apartment complexes! The simple fact is, consumers & their expectations have advanced. Your style is no longer simply reflected in the way you dress - demand for style & beauty in the construction industry has boomed & in today's world a functional standing structure doesn't really cut it anymore (whom-whom).

As it appears ~ everyone ~ has caught up to the "Light & Bright" trend of home design & stone countertops have become the expected norm we start to ask ourselves;

What's next?!

Well, from what we've seen, the answer is textured finished countertops! The "finish" is the surfaces appearance which comes in many different varieties. Here are the big three:

  • Polished - a high glossed finish best for showing detail of pattern in detailed stone

  • Honed - a matte finish with little to no shine best for solid/low color variation stones

  • Leathered - a textured finish, uneven to the touch like natural slate, no shine

Don't get me wrong...polish is still widely favored too so lets not all jump the gun. But, who wouldn't want a countertop that's low maintenance?! That's exactly what honed & leathered finishes are. If you've had polished countertops you know all too well every single smudge shows & at times it feels impossible to keep your countertops looking flawless. A textured finish will hide water marks, fingerprints, & smudges galore! Added bonus - it's timeless natural stone but with unique edge to set your design apart from the rest! To top it all off, if you happen to fall in love with a slab but wish it came in a honed or leathered finish, chances are your local stone fabricator can texture your slab for an additional cost.


Q: What is a fissure?

A: Fissures, according to the Natural Stone Institute (NSI), is either a fracture, crack, or break that occurs naturally in a stone. The term 'fissure' is used across the stone world to describe a separation that is visible along intercrystalline boundaries. Those separations can either run strictly on the inside of the stone or can extend out to an edge of a stone. This can make it difficult in the fabrication process when it comes time to cut a slab. Some stones tend to have more fissures than others so it's important to advise your local stone expert before picking out your slab.

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- Stone Post, March 2019

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