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Q: What is the maintenance difference between granite, marble, and quartz?

A: Granite - Suggested to seal yearly.

     Marble - Suggested to seal every 6 months.

     Quartz - May never have to re-seal, low maintenance stone.

Q: What are the "levels" of granite and what do they mean?

A:  To be clear; the quality of a slab has nothing to do with level of material. The three levels consist of high, medium, & low (also known as 1,2,3 or A, B, C). All levels are indicated by availability & abundance, among other factors, which can help determine the range of cost for each slab.

Q: What is a remnant ?

A: Remnants are the remaining material from a slab; typically left unused from a previous job available to use on another project. We have remnants at our shop for customers to view & purchase at a reduced rate.

Q: At what point should I begin thinking about countertops for my home?

A: If you are remodeling or building your home its best to have your stone selected one month from your cabinet installation date.

Q: Is it possible for my countertop to chip or crack?

A: The short answer would be yes. If there has been an enormous amount of forceful impact or abuse to a countertop there can be damage. Depending on the damage, we may be able to repair your broken, chipped, and/or cracked countertops.

Q: What materials can I use for my outdoor countertop/bar top?

A: It is best to use a natural stone or concrete as opposed to a manufactured countertop. Overtime, with the exposure to UV rays, the manufactured tops my lose their pigmentation because they are not intended for outdoor use.

Q: Do granite, marble, and quartz stand up to stains and scratches differently?

A: Granite - heat & scratch resistant, stain & chemical stain resistant with proper care.

     Marble - easily scratched, heat resistant, stain susceptible, can retain watermarks.

     Quartz - heat & scratch resistant, low maintenance, stain/chemical stain resistant.

Q: What is the best way to clean & care for my countertops?

A: Maintain your surface with a cleaner & polisher for natural stone instead of other chemicals, bring color back to life and seal your countertops with impregnator stain protection. All of which is available for purchase at our front office!

Q: Is quartz a natural stone?

A: No, it's an manufactured stone. However, it is made with 93% natural quartzite.

Q: What is "honing" and does it make a difference for caring/cleaning countertops?

A: Honing or honed finish is a technique used on stone that has not been polished to a shine. The finish  is described as a smooth-matte finish that is often lighter in color than if it were to be polished. These tops are less susceptible to showing scratches and can be both protected from stains and enhance the color with a color-enhancing sealant.