Pet Headstone

The finishing touch on a custom piece is a custom engraving or etching by Custom Stone Company

We provide many different types of etching and engraving services in both large and small scale. We can create any literature, photo, or design free of copyright onto your desired material.

We have state-of-the-art equipment in laser and sand blasting that either; burn the surface with a powerful laser beam to etch, or blast away particles of the material with millions of sand particles at an accelerated rate to engrave your desired look.

Various works we have done include, but are not limited to:

wall & ceiling murals, tombstones, engraved pavers & bricks, memorials, trophies & awards, mirrors, glass, wood, stone, cups, leather products, signs, ornaments, garden stones/boulders, and address markers!

Stop by the shop to meet with our graphic artist or take a look through our project gallery for inspiration!